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Competition rules

Goal of these rules is to promote hopaesool world wide and make it more popular. We recognise three levels of competitions:

  • Club level – all madangs
  • National level –high madang and above
  • International level – hopaesool kun and above

All instructors (or masters, grand masters) cannot compete in all these competitions levels but can take part in demonstration competitions.

All disciplines are open both for individual or team competition but for self-defense. The division in woman and man category is possible. Application of these two rules (individual and team or man and woman) depends on number of competitors.

Umpires must be minimal hopaesool kun.

Discipline One – Creative Bontae

Use typical hopaesool techniques with application of own creative ideas.

  • 20 – 40 seconds
  • 10 points for techniques, 10 points for reality, rythm, speed
  • 5 umpires (minimum 3), best and worst result are not taken in account
  • Mandatory techniques can be used (jumping, spinning, kicking techniques, the minimum being the application of grip or release techniques)

Discipline Two – Focus Striking

To show accuracy of hopaesool movements. Targets must be tennis balls only (in future, we shall be able to use more objects – like candle flame, papers, ping-pong balls, …). The safety of all people in the hall must be taken care of.

  • 5 umpires (minimum 3), best and worst result are not taken in account
  • Must show 3 techniques (of which one must be release and one must be grip) best and worst result are not taken in account
  • Each umpire can give max. 20 points (accuracy, difficulty, …)

Discipline Three – Free Fight

  • 5 x 5 meters square, match lasts 2 minutes.
  • One competitor wears red helmet, the other wears blue helmet. Helmet is the only protector and must protect eyes
  • Competitors try to hit their oponent with hopae. A hit to the head results in the instant win, a hit to all other parts of body adds 1 point. 3 points lead to winning.
  • After 2 minutes of fight, the one who scores more point is the winner. In the case of tie, the match continues and the first hit concludes.
  • 5 umpires, 1 umpire is central umpire. The main umpire stops the match and gives penalties
  • Other umpires are corner umpires with blue and red flags.
  • When central umpire sees some possible scoring action, he must stop match with command „Gumman!“. The competitor receives the point if minimum 2 umpires (in case of 3 umpires only 1) accord it. Then the central umpire gives command „kyesok“.
  • In cases of the out (both legs being outside of the square), falling down, hitting of oponent with body parts, holding, speaking, not respectfull behavior, the main umpire gives a warning. 3 warnings to one competitor lead to his or her instant loss.
  • Loosing of hopae or making injury to the oponent lead to instant loss.

Discipline Four - Selfdefense

  • 5 umpires (minimum 3), best and worst results are not taken in account
  • Each umpire can give max. 30 points (10 for technique, 10 for speed, rythm, and reality, 10 for show, acting and fun)
  • 30 – 60 seconds
  • Hero is defending against 2 or 3 oponents
  • Mandatory techniques can be used